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 Your Nurtured Face


Join Heidi Karnitz and Julia Taylor for this afternoon of inner and outer self-care focused on your face.

Born of our own love and regular practice of getting together for “spa night,” we’ve honed a simple but profoundly altering way to nurture and nourish your self both inside and out. Using nature’s gifts of flowers, herbs and honey, we’ve crafted a ritual to take you through what you need to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and beautiful.


What’s included:

Fascial facial massage demo – increase circulation, release tension, and enhance collagen production

Facial steam – botanical based steam, for your skin, respiratory and immune systems

Facial mask – gentle and deeply cleansing

Moisturize – Hydrate, nourish, and protect your skin


You’ll take away:

  • Facial massage techniques so that you can release tension and express yourself freely
  • Acupressure points that give you the power to care for your whole body while caring for your face
  • A facial routine you can enjoy at home
  • Understanding of a handful of botanical allies for your health needs
  • Ideas for rituals that allow you to deeply nourish yourself
  • A really good feeling!


When: Sunday, May 17th from noon-2pm

Where: Threshold Wellness, 440 East Girard Ave. Philadelphia, Pa 19125

Cost: $25


All genders welcome!


Heidi has worked with herbs, flowers and plants for 5 years, as an employee of an apothecary and member of study groups. Her passion for the natural world has now led her to study horticulture at Temple University. Julia is the director of Threshold Wellness, a massage therapist, bodyworker, and educator of 7 years.