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Julia Taylor has proved to be highly versatile and effective, continually and over many months. She practices in several styles of massage and regularly responds to requests for attention to specific body issues with something like, “I just returned from a workshop on thus-and-such technique that would be perfect for this!”
I’m nearly 40 years old, now, and after a little over a year of sessions every 2-6 weeks (originally following up on work-related back pain that had me sidelined more than once a year), I find myself to be in some of the best physical and mental health I’ve had since my 20’s. And I do credit much of both the physical and mental improvements to sessions with Julia.
I gladly recommend Julia to friends and associates, whether for basic muscle and tissue massage, or for the myofascial and craniosacral techniques I prefer, since I have found they develop my own awareness of networks of tension, and enable joyful release into previously unexplored connections throughout the body. My improvements during the course of programs with Julia bring immediate improvements while on the table, as well as long-term maintenance and improvements coming from my own stretching or simply going to sleep enhanced by a new-found awareness of the settling and resting of my body. This support for self-care outside the session — through self-discovery during the massage itself and available classes and advice to guide self-healing and self-maintenance on my own — has been essential to the success of my body-work programs with Julia.

Robert Monk – sole-proprietor electrical contractor

When I first sought out Julia, not unlike most people, I conceptualized massage as a luxury and means of temporary relief from muscular pain and tension. This was based on past experiences which were enjoyable, but had no noticeable long-term benefits. Therefore, when I was confronted with the question of when I felt my best on Julia’s intake form, I thought it a bit irrelevant, if not comical as I answered “when I was 16”. I thought, “Didn’t everyone feel best in high school before real world stress set in?” You can imagine my surprise then when, months into my work with Julia, I unintentionally and quite effortlessly found myself running the same distance pace as I had when I was 16!
From the beginning, Julia has been truly exceptional! Rather than treating singular symptoms, Julia took the time to gather a complete and qualitative description of my body, physical symptoms, and social stressors. She has a broad range of skills that enable her to offer a multifaceted and integrative approach to bodywork.
The benefits I have enjoyed thus far from Julia’s 12-session massage program have exceeded any expectation I ever had of bodywork. First, I cannot emphasize enough my gratitude for the creation of these programs, as I feel that it has been a way to finally give myself permission to take care of my body. The ongoing conversation that I have had with Julia throughout this time has served to improve my understanding of the effects of stress on my body, in addition to clarifying my less tangible goal of achieving an overall balance of work and wellness.
For the first time that I can remember, I have been able to experience a complete absence of pain and tension throughout my body. I now have more energy, greater awareness, and, also for the first time, am able to manage TMJ-associated pain and headaches so that I am virtually symptom-free! I now see bodywork as a critical component to physical and emotional well-being and am immensely grateful for Julia’s time and expertise!

Giacinta – Social Worker

Julia does amazing work. Besides giving awesome massages, she constantly surprises me with her deep knowledge of the body and different technniques for relaxing and healing. I highly recommend her!

– Steve K., Business Owner

As a professional photographer I put a lot of strain on my body; I am constantly carrying heavy cameras or working in front of my computer, two things that have lead to a reoccurring, debilitating pain in my right shoulder and back. I have tried many options for dealing with this, from yoga to massage therapy, but until I started this journey with Julia, no other massage therapists gave me anything but temporarily relief. When I started working with Julia, I was in such a state of chronic pain that I really wondered if I would be able to continue my career. Julia’s programs for bodywork make prolonged bodywork accessible and affordable. By working with Julia on a weekly basis, I have been able to not only release built up tension, but also became more aware of my body and gained perspective on the pain I have been experiencing for years. I think Julia really creates an amazing space for healing, teaching you how to listen to your own body as well as giving you tools to manage and release pain on your own time. An amazing thing has begun to happen while working with Julia: with her assistance and by being able to relax and let go, my own body has begun the healing it wants to do to itself.

– Emily, Photographer

Julia Taylor is a phenomenal massage therapist.

This is no run of the mill back rub. She is a true healer.

I started going to her a few years ago when I was suffering from chronic back and neck pain. Nothing seemed to help my back pain. I went to a chiropractor, acupuncture, other massage therapists, physical therapy, you name it. I would feel better for an evening or two, and then the specter would return. But the thing that finally made the muscles in my neck and back calm down, and let me live a little, was a series of massages from Julia Taylor.

I went through six sessions over a couple months. Julia was able to teach my muscles, that it was going to be alright, and they could just relax, and get strong and healthy again.

Now when I feel a tinge of discomfort trying to work its ways back in, I go to Julia and let her work her magic on me.

– Paul Gargagliano

I’m hesitant to write this review, because it’s inevitably going to result in a phone call to Julia and a massage next week, which will undoubtedly be amazing. But this grad student can only afford so many massages.

Over the years, I’ve been to, oh, probably about a dozen massage therapists. Julia is unquestionably the best I’ve ever been to. She’s everything anyone could ever want in a massage therapist: kind, gentle-hearted, professional, intuitive. Perhaps my favorite thing about Julia is how quick she is to respond to email requests, often squeezing me in the next day. (I’ve emailed her more than once when I’ve tweaked something in my neck or back and sent her a desperate “Help! I know you’re busy, but I need you!” email.) She’s been able to “read” my body like no one I’ve ever met, and she always comes into a session knowing what we’d worked on the past few times. I’ve recommended her to friends, and they’ve all gone back to her repeatedly.

Honestly, she’s good enough that, should I ever move out of Philly, I’d come back just to see her.

– Heather Burchell

Whenever I meet with Julia, I feel that she is listening very deeply and meeting me with exceptional compassion and skill. I feel comfortable being myself and speaking to her about what I am experiencing on many levels. Julia’s gentle and attentive approach to massage assists me powerful ways along my path of learning and healing.

– Lee Fogel, somatic movement educator

Julia is attentive and caring. She pours herself into her work, gently setting my body on a path of health and wellbeing. I happily anticipate each session, and enjoy the lasting effects of her touch.

– Gabriel, Librarian