First Time Client Session: If you are a first time client, schedule a 90 minute, first time client session.  This session includes time to discuss your past and present health, goals for our work together, hands-on assessment, and treatment.

    • 90 Minute First Time Client Session – $95

Single Massage and Bodywork Sessions:  As a previous client, you may choose to purchase single sessions as needed.  You can book a 60 or 90 minute Therapeutic Massage, for a session that combines techniques for maximum healing, or if there is a specific modality you are interested in or have enjoyed in the past, feel free to book one of those specifically.

    • 60 and 90 min. Therapeutic Massage – $95 and $110
    • 60 and 90 min. Craniosacral Therapy Session – $95 and $110
    • 60 and 90 min. Myofascial Release Session – $95 and $110
    • 60 and 90 min. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Session – $95 and $110
    • 60 and 90 min. Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage – $95 and $110

Programs:   Programs are available for those who are ready to step into a place of deep, supported healing through multiple sessions and education.  In addition to massage, you will receive home release tools, workshops, and priority scheduling and extended time for goal setting and assessment.  In addition to this, you will receive all the benefits that come along with committing to your wellness in a bigger way.  If you sense that developing a relationship with a therapist and your body in a longer term way would help you make the big changes you’ve been wanting for yourself, email julia @