Julia Taylor

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Julia was born in New Haven, CT where, from the beginning, she sought out explorations of the body with yoga and swimming. After graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art, she moved to Los Angeles where Butoh dance with the Bodyweather Laboratory, archival work with the Museum of Jurassic Technology, and receiving bodywork had profound effects on her. When she moved to Philadelphia, Julia stepped into the work that would let all things come together. Julia was introduced to the profession of hands on healing through The National Academy of Massage Therapy and Healing Sciences, graduating with a solid knowledge of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, as well as anatomy and physiology. Her training in Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute, Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute, and Myofascial Release with John Barnes, have expanded her practice of bodywork. It has been through these modalities, with guidance from extraordinary mentors, and in cultivating her own intuition that Julia finds herself now, with hands ready. Julia has taught as a pre-school teacher, anatomy and physiology to massage therapists-to-be, and workshops on how to tools for releasing tension in the body. She has worked in diverse settings such as spas, chiropractic offices, homes and workplaces, as well as with clients with a wide variety of needs. Currently, her practice runs out of Center City Philadelphia (and occasionally Los Angeles).


 Peter Richan

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Peter Richan is a certified massage therapist practicing for 17 years in
Philadelphia. He combines aspects of myofascial release, trigger point 
therapy, meridian clearing, deep tissue massage, as well as mechanical and 
structural integration, to help clients find ease of movement in exercise,
dance, and everyday life. Peter’s study of the Alexander Technique,
stretching, and structure and mechanics of the anatomy has kept him feeling 
good over his long career as well as helped him support clients to become
 more aware of their bodies and bring home useful information from sessions into their lives.
Peter continues to feel great and be inspired daily! He’s practiced at 
wellness centers, chiropractors, gyms, and athletic events, as well as
maintaining his own practice since 1997. His other occupations include performing and recording music for theater and dance companies, musicians, and sound-designers, as well as buying “ailing” properties and “healing” them through rehabbing enhanced by his understanding of feng shui.

For appointments more than a day in advance, email me at peterrichan@ gmail.com or call (hm)215-336-6857.  For appointments day of, call: (c) 215-207-6811.  You can also book online through the Threshold Wellness website with any questions, or to make an appointment with me HERE.

 Peter will be on vacation Sept. 7th-22nd